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About us

We like food. It pro­vides sen­sual plea­sures, innu­mer­able pos­si­bil­i­ties of explor­ing new tastes and enjoy­ing them with friends. A warm ambiance of the place we eat in, and a friendly set­ting are of great impor­tance to us. It’s best when peo­ple around us find an equal plea­sure in eat­ing. The hum of a restau­rant, the music in the back­ground, chats and the clinks of cut­lery – this melody always sounds beautiful.

We would be delighted to share this atmos­phere with you in our restau­rants as often as pos­si­ble. We hope that the time you spend in them you asso­ciate with a break from the every­day rush, and feel care­free and happy there.

“KRĘGLICCY” is a group of eight eth­nic restau­rants which trans­port you to a world of culi­nary delight.

Good food, wine and a friendly atmos­phere are the plea­sures we can not live with­out, and we would like to share them with you as often as possible.

We also wel­come you to use our cater­ing ser­vices – we serve pri­vate par­ties, as well as com­pany ban­quets or pic­nics. The par­ties are organ­ised in our restau­rants, in Forteca, as well as in any place you sug­gest, both in War­saw and its surroundings.

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