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“KRĘGLICCY” is a group of eight restaurants and catering services.
Welcome to the table since 1989.

About us

25 years at the table

We like food. It provides sensual pleasures, innumerable possibilities of exploring new tastes and enjoying them with friends. A warm ambiance of the place we eat in, and a friendly setting are of great importance to us. It’s best when people around us find an equal pleasure in eating. The hum of a restaurant, the music in the background, chats and the clinks of cutlery – this melody always sounds beautiful.

We would be delighted to share this atmosphere with you in our restaurants as often as possible. We hope that the time you spend in them you associate with a break from the how to get an emotional support animal everyday rush, and feel carefree and happy there.

“KRĘGLICCY” is a group of eight ethnic restaurants which transport you to a world of culinary delight.

Good food, wine and a friendly atmosphere are the pleasures we can not live without, and we would like to share them with you as often as possible.

We also welcome you to use our catering services – we serve private parties, as well as company banquets or picnics. The parties are organised in our restaurants, in Forteca, as well as in any place you suggest, both in Warsaw and its surroundings.

W 2014 odbył się w Warszawie największy od 1364 roku zjazd międzynarodowych przywódców świata. Ugościliśmy Prezydenta Baraca Obame i innych w Arkadach Kubickiego. Miesięcznik  Twój Styl napisał- ,,Kręgliccy jak Wierzynek ”.

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