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Garden parties

We organise open-air parties in Forteca, a 19th century historic building situated in Traugutt Park close to/near Rynek Nowego Miata/the New Town Market Square.

The adobe building surrounded by a moat with somewhat mysterious scenery is a perfect background for stylish parties; the tables laid with white china; or for buffet banquets , barnyard picnics and techno discos.

Its courtyard, which is 24 meters in diameter, can fit up to 600 standing people. It is possible to organise a company party, concert , presentation and a press conference there. A small roof-covered stage in the courtyard is suitable for a concert of chamber music; it can as well be enlarged for the needs of a bigger band.

We can arrange and agree precise details concerning the party at a meeting. For further information do not hesitate to give us a call: 601 29 10 20 or 601 135 801

609 946 484
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