El Popo

Mexican restaurant

Tequila! Salsa! Amigos! Fiesta! A real Mexican adventure you’ll never forget.


Come and celebrate FIESTA DE MUERTOS with us. We prepare special colourful decoration, pumpkin margarita for adults, sweets for kids and following menu:

crema de betabel 21 zł

beetroot/ chili ancho/ chocolate / mayo cilatro/ walnuts

chuleta al achiote  42 zł

pork chop/ achiote / pumpkin puree / orange and beer sauce / smoked peanuts

tamales dulces 21 zł

ciasto kukurydziane / rodzynki/ syrop hibiskusowy/ liście kukurydzy

margarita de CALABAZA 25 zł

tequila / triple sec / pumpkin

PiÑA ROSA 26 zł

tequila chocolate / orange liquier / strawberry/ pineapple/cream

22 827 23 40
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