The place for events

A 19th century historic building surrounded by a moat with somewhat mysterious scenery is a perfect background for stylish parties.

The history

Fort Legionów ( originally Fort Vladimir) was built between 1852 and 1854 on the southern foreland of the Wasaw Citadel.

Initially, the fort had the shape of a three- storey artillery turret, surrounded by a fortified ditch with three cofferdams and a gallery in the counterscarp.

1-Pocztówka Władymir-1915

Its task was to guard the citadel from the side of New Town and aldo to defend the seasonal bridge over the Vistula River.

In the years between 1866 and 1874 the Forte was modernized. A battery emplacement in the shape of the letter ‘’L” was built between the bastion and the River Vistula, equipped with two emergency brick shelters and also a brick battery which was meant to control the Vistula river bank.

16-Pocztówka Władimir 1915

The Fort survived during the Warsaw Uprising despite the ongoing fierce fighting over the Polish Security Printing Works and after 1945 it was used by the military.

4 zdjęcia CAW ok 1930

Since 1999 the Fort has been privately owned by a well known family of Warsaw restaurateurs, Agnieszka and Marcin Kręglicki. Three buildings have survived in Warsaw arranged around the Citadel. Fort Legionów is the only structure in the Warsaw Citadel of a “mountainous” nature, with a complex underground system. Currently, individual elements of the Fort are subject to renovation which will restore them to their appearance.

The underground tour includes a vist to the underground halls on levels “0” and “-1”, the rooms in gallery in the counterscarp with a minelaying passageways and historical exhibit and levels “-2” and “-3” with an underground armoury.

In 1965 the Fort was listed as a monument.

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