Opasły Tom

Polish Modern Cuisine


About us

We are exploring the definition of Polish cuisine. We invite chefs, for temporary residencies, who, according to their background, experience, talent, and imagination, present various interpretations of the Polish menu. We have been delighted with our historical, vegan, Italian-influenced, modern, rebellious, and traditional pop-ups. We are excited about the ones to come. We make sure that the cuisine at Opasly Tom is always honest, fair, and full of taste. The starting point is a local product, changing seasonally, coming from farmers who treat their work as a mission to preserve healthy land, tradition, and quality. You can find them every Wednesday at our farmers market at Forteca.

We aspire to balance work and pleasure. Our location right by the National Opera encourages you to combine your visit at Opasly with the delights of cultural life. We invite you to dine out with us in the evenings five times a week, and for a family lunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Kręgliccy family


Our address: Wierzbowa 9 is a historic location near the Polish National Opera, a townhouse which, before World War II, hosted the culinary complex “Oaza” for many years, combining cabaret, bar, dancing, cafe, bakery and an exquisite restaurant.

Interior design, among the five best in the world according to Wall Paper Design Awards 2020 – Buck Studio

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